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tv   Taking Back Marawi  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 1:32am-2:00am AST

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particularly young people relentlessly trying to top vaulters from accessing the polling stations and also more to love him all together polling station polling officials from taking polling material to the different stations where votes were supposed to have been cast darkness falls independent electron bombs commission to time the elections and the polls hold elections in a blue. counties catalonia as president says he won't call a snap election till spain's central government agrees to certain conditions calls for more says he hasn't received enough guarantees from madrid that it won't impose direct rule on the autonomy this region if a new election is held thousands of protesters have gathered outside the capital and government headquarters to show their support for christmas. the iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the
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kurds secession bid high dollar body is in tehran for talks with the rainy and leaders both countries have large kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation iraq's kurdish regional government had offered to freeze its secession bid but iraq says that that doesn't go far enough you're up to date those are your headlines stay with us here on al-jazeera one o one east is coming up next season. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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the battle against isis has come to southeast asia. for five months fighters held the city around in the southern philippines. declaring it a new caliphate of the islamic state. but . it led to a bloody and deadly fight against the law enforcement. unstitch out on this episode a one on one east were in the heart of malawi and is this just the beginning.
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were around he was once a thriving picture a city on a lake. the largest muslim city in the catholic nation of the philippines. today it lies in ruins. abandoned and destroyed. after i still can't remember we may government forces were in an all out battle to retake it. will. be faced snipers and thousands of hidden improvised explosives. near took me out of. it was
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a slow and dangerous advance. trained in jungle warfare he had to learn how to fight in an urban environment. this is a typical hole the fighters punched through in the hauser's. yes there are. fourteen here captain are now karen dunn says hunting down the fighters has been tough. in order for someone with their. it's
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a technique learn from my soul in syria and iraq he figured. they've been training with the various. for a long time already. the military says it has evidence that well armed fighters from as far as saudi arabia yemen and chechnya join local government in the battle. the fighting had been. bad and it's really hard because. our enemies have the same weapons as we do have. more than one hundred sixty philippine soldiers have been killed him around. what's been the hardest part for you. both times when we have. moved from a fire comrade. actually seeing them being blown away by both of you by
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getting shot and. knowing that. but for the army captain the worst weapon in isis arsenal has been child soldiers. pretty hard to see because you can imagine how hard it is for a sniper or a regular in part to pull the trigger and. basically be killed in what was his name like children like more linda sons have been drawn into this battle when their son. her two boys were forced to fight for the armed group they were among dozens of
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christians held hostage by the mountain a local clan that sworn allegiance to eyesore. thirty year thirteen year. three year and a very smart guy told me it was going to be an ingenue an architectural ingenuity to build their noses were people and then you told me moma. everything million was the friendly you know. room was the word for it so where will the one. who are in a live. he didn't even know who he didn't even know doing the girl and. linda was working outside the city when the attack took place she learned of her children's fate when one of her sons secretly center a text message. mama do not worry
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got will not first seek us as long as we don't lose our faith. believe in god. because he is the only one who can protect us. as we're linda's husband was also taken hostage along with their seventeen year old daughter cherilyn she was forced to marry one of her captors it's so painful for me it's a very much been for the knowing that their. daughter was been married. it still had very much where you were no mother no love you would you or. anyone you would be able. to get their dreams but no it was enough for men when you. were linda is one of three hundred thousand evacuees she spends her days in
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a temporary shelter just outside the city. a few weeks ago the text messages from her son stopped. missed them so much. if we would let you know. i still turned their battle here into a marketing and recruitment tool and we'll make the best. out of it. so. i'm going to yah you know one innocent immunization p.r.c.'s having suffered recent losses in the middle east the group is now directly muslims from around the world to asia to engage in what it calls the holy war. and then you heard. you know. this is. the government never believed i saw would have the strength to take an entire city. philippine president rugby go to target predicted
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the battle would be over within weeks unfortunately. we didn't have enough troops on the ground. the deputy commander is colonel romeo brawner this surprised sort of surprised the government forces. going to see them but it came as no surprise for i saw. this video believed to have been taken two years ago shows them planning the siege and using the location in a jungle hideout they detailed how to take over him around the city hall and military barracks you know. you don't we just. mean. if. fighters also learned how to make i.e.d. use the largest killer of philippine soldiers in morale we would you not say that this was a massive failure of intelligence well i personally personally i disagree because
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we already had the information that something might happen but there was really a lack of political will to deal with. this siege was triggered when the military tried to arrest a top i saw the leader. of this footage shows the firefight that called. after that the terrorists were able to escape. this started a series of other scare missions around the city. the target of the military operation was is the law on happened on leader of i so in southeast asia. but he was being protected by local brothers abdula and omar mountain. who reportedly led thousands of hardcore fighters.
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this was how safe house. there's not much left. inside here you can see how fierce the firefight was bullet holes riddle the walls and the ceiling to the right of the entire side of the house has been blown out and here on the ground there are hundreds of shell casings. after nearly five months. and omar mounted were finally killed by philippine forces during a hostage recovery operation and came from at the back of our house back in the house over here yes cheryl did tong was one of the first hostages in. when the military raid began he and his family were in their home nearby so the
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military's in d.c. area and the martin you're missing inside our house. so during the hour we are hiding to that room in that room and the multi-group was serious covering though and when all this fighting was happening what were you guys doing we're hiding we are i hate being under the. under his bed and the bullets are coming in he has a million scummy. too i saw members died here black clothes and blood stains are all that remain. at one point geraldine says he met the group's leader and then told me that can you remember me can you recognize me and i was shocked because i think this man is familiar in the that man told me that i am on my i am the commander of commander on merit i am out there was your impression of him years before you decided to understand but for me. my mouth is
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a kind and also he were he softly and smote me i mean that's one of his characteristics why why the mode to go have so many members cheryl dietz says omar let them go because they were muslim i know them personally that's very close to you know me and. so. i took them. out in the aga khan sharif a prominent muslim leader him around we knew the military brothers since they were children. very harmless believe it or not we are the harmless when you see them they're very harmless they're harmless yes. when i so did you become. so what happened i think because of. what make them take that is the billion or the government of the republic of the philippines. sharif says the
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mounties joined i saw after years of failed talks to give muslims in the southern philippines more power. good boy is. good with good with. you know religious leaders started in egypt. lead the prayer. it was after studying in egypt that aga khan says they began actively arming and training fighters we're inviting. me to join us. because this is the time. and. what do you think of what omar and do have done. and actually i told him that you have destroyed. something he said this. is from on the but you have this would be muslim. do you condemn what they've done
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. the what they have and i don't like i don't support what you have that we've. so how did these leaders convince their followers to commit acts of brutality and give up their lives for. thank you for agreeing to. be in hiding since the siege began one young recruit shares his story. to call him abdul how old were you then. turner eleven years old and i mean there are. some odd picture so i may need. to go on and bare our jets and. protection through my find me and.
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asked me to mug. me. as. i says fight them. and i will only. abdul studied at the local islamic school for three years and says teachers took them on field trips to an i saw training camp at the foot of a mountain there was top raining camps and. there are over one thousand every. one thousand fighters yes camp yes and you saw all these fighters yes there have what. earth daughter a jewel warehouse there. and then we all are. married. then
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yes abdul believes this myself shows one of the camps he trained in. here children mix with adults as they learn how to wage war. and you said they were foreign fighters there oh yes there's one in. irish fly. and being in there training training my friend. fires did they make you want to follow them yeah i think it was cool. young. seeing it was the. bunch of. other stuff where your classmates now are some of them fighting for us here you know for a they're failing in there were no ground. abdul says he chose not to join the
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fight immorality because of his mother. my friends join me. because i am the only child of my mother and. father corn and i know my. dane. mother. but up dual says he still shares the armed groups beliefs what do you think about these i asked fighters killing christians be having them. no but they. non-believers.
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who. we want to visit the school says he was taught it's ok to kill nonbelievers. were only allowed in with an armed escort. so long like. steve remote as there is between. class is still in session this is your classroom. what is the paragraph talk about this. ok the values of allah what do you tell us about the war and i am glad. you have no comment but you do think they're right maybe something like. the schools head
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denies any connection with i so some students tell us that some of the fighters are students here. and there's new student here. well known and i and what about the teachers. from the school. would you say that. fighters here are not muslim no they are muslim but. something wrong of the. annihilates. in late october the government declared victory. but there are still concerns isis war against nonbelievers has gained a foothold we believe that this is a foreign ideology this is not homegrown so really it has to be addressed also
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not just by the military but by the whole nation to be radicalized the minds of those who are radicalized already and prepare our youth for the right kind of islam and not the wrong kind of islam where they are being taught to kill nonbelievers. there are many him around he's muslim community who are also worried. yes i said i i am staking out his government i don't think it's a national meeting to come in thank you very much as for me throughout so many people we have discussed here that this is an important moment and i think it's a done bondo was a neighborhood leader in morality when i so moved in he
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a muslim hid more than eighty christians in his home he knew he would only people around christians in my neighborhood to go up stairs and that everything will be ok because i will stay on the ground floor with my children and family to defend them . i mean it i was thinking if these people don't stay with me they won't be able to escape and it's possible they will be hated by isis. after days of hiding and being caught in the crossfire saddam decided they had to make a break for it. and someone else we got on the streets we saw bodies of christians who had been behave it that's what frightened my christian friends this is a chief we're going back and i told them if they call back that will be dead end we've got all of us at one point we would stop at an isis check point and one
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fighter asked if all the people were christians or muslims i told them they were almost slim's it came to look closer but i put my car and myself between them. the fighter let them pass and they made it to safety. with no place to go many of the families still live with saddam here at his sister's house in a neighboring city christians and muslims together under one roof. they spend their time helping collect and distribute food to evacuees you were willing to die for your neighbors why rise up and. create christians are the ones who help morrow and prosper. i pray to god they didn't extend aeration if you will not join groups like isis.
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we'll show them what happened to. that around them and. we'll show them how isis destroyed. government officials say it will cost more than a billion u.s. dollars to rebuild iraq and that it could take years so down and many others warn if their city is left in ruins it could stoke further anger and resentment leading more to join. the government failed to support us in rebuilding our city this will produce. a ping home to. their honest i'm afraid that if the government. i mean out of the city. but is it too late to stop isis ambitions in the region
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that i don't like them. and they. may. stop. where the name. was but that are going in a muddle. it took five months of intense fighting to recapture morality. almost a thousand having killed the city flatter. it's unclear how long it will be before people can return home and what the future of
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this troubled region holds what is clear is that the fight against i so in southeast asia has only just begun. with. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed
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by the endeavors of its people in a six part series just zero at those into tunisia has rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. my tunisia coming soon on a. short films of her and inspiration. has no stories of three young women challenging the world around them. out is there a selects at this time.


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